Technical Specifications



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We use only the finest bovine raw material for production of full grain leathers. Old world craft combined with premium select raw materials provide the following features: specialized retan- nage, a luxurious suppleness of hand, a full, rich base dye, color clarity, and a breathable protective finish.




Using the latest nanotechnology, an EPA approved SmartSilver™ antimicrobial finish permanently embeds microscopic silver particles in the material. This prevents deterioration, odor and the growth of mildew, making our  fabrics & carpets extremely durable and ideal for both indoors and outdoors.






The tissue is washed with water. Using nanotechnology (molecules smaller than one micron) we're able to achieve optimal results stain resistance solid and liquid in our tissues, which are effective even against pen ink, washing with a cloth dampened with water only.This technology is also applicable to synthetic leathers with incredible results since not even need water to wash.








Formula One Furniche fabrics are designed to provide the ultimate performance required for any environment—contract to residential, indoor to out.






Solution Dyed



We provide solution dyed fabrics meaning color is integrated into the very fiber. This allows fade resistance even with heavy cleaning









Formula One Furniche fabrics will never pill. Tested to the strictest contract abrasion standards, our proprietary yarns perform far beyond industry requirements. Every time.








Formula One Furniche upholstery fabrics have minimum abrasion of 50,000 cycles.





Bleach Cleanable or washable



Formula One Furniche fabrics are inherently resistant to stains and microbes—so tough, they are bleach-cleanable or washable.





Easy Clean



Our FBM collections are also stain resistant and all stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth.





Fire Retardent



We offer fabrics that are inherently fire retardent, meet IMO standards and also provide chemical free fire retardent treatments to fabrics.





UV Resistant



Our solution dyed fabrics meet or exceed 1500 lightfast hours, in accordance with AATCC 16, the industry standard test.








Our FBM collections are 100% recyclable, beginning as a by-product and ending as a usable product for the manufacturing of many common goods.











With our unlimited color palette and vast array of pattern, texture and style option we offer design freedom with worry-free performance.
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