FUR, is a deign staple.

How to tell the difference between faux and fur?

  1. The Feel Test:

Feel the difference by rolling the hairs between the finger and thumb. Real Fur: Feels smooth and soft, easily rolls between the fingers.

Fake Fur: Feels coarse.


  1. The Look Test:

Blow on the hairs so that they divide, and look at the base.

Real Fur: Often made up of several layers of thin hairs that form a dense under- wool through which the longer hairs stick out. The hairs remain attached to the leather (skin).

Fake Fur: Simpler in structure, individual hairs are often the same length and are even in colour.


  1. The Pin Test

Push a pin through the base where the fur is attached.

Real Fur: The leather resists; pin is hard to push through.

Fake Fur: Pin goes easily through the base.


  1. The Burn Test

Carefully pull a few hairs from the fur and hold them to a flame.

Real Fur: Singes and smells like human hair.

Fake Fur: Melts and smells like burnt plastic and forms small plastic balls at the ends that feel hard between the finger and thumb.